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I realised at work today that I still have a soft spot for one direction… that must happen when the lifesize cardboard cut out stares at you all day while cleaning, and singing along to midnight memories on the radio…

and there was me thinking it had ended ages ago!

I want to write a book, I have the idea but I don’t know where to start. How did I ever write fanfics :/ fml! 

Anonymous asked:
"would you write larry again?"

it probably would be. who knows..

Anonymous asked:
"I think you should too js"

Thank you, i might

onedirectionbromancin replied to your post: i love your writing. are you ever going to write anything again?
Me, I like this anon.


You want me to write again? I have ideas, just no clue what goes on in the world of 1D anymore….

"Your fanfic, "It should have been me" Oh my god! it was incredible!! It made me Laugh it made me Cry! it made me happy and it made me sad! Just Incredible! I loved it! I love you! You are Amazing! Larry Stylinson For the win!! xx"

Oh thank you so much sweetcheeks (: I appreciate it! I’m glad you liked it xx

Anonymous asked:
"your narry is great. humour me is so sweet and jealousy and ice cram is amazing! keep up the work sweet cheeks xxx love ya"

Thank you so much sweetheart (: 

Anonymous asked:
"Could you do a zouis love story love? ~Zayn :) X"

Maybe, we’ll see… 

Anonymous asked:
"I kind of forgot which fics of yours I have and haven't read so I'm reading all of it again! :)) hahahaha! Really love your writing though! :) Just curious, have you thought about moving to AO3?"

Well have fun with that, I’m glad you liked them. I appreciate it (: 

i haven’t a clue what AO3 it… 

Anonymous asked:
"i just finished reading it should have been me and i have to tell you it was absolutely beautiful, especially the next step. i loved it <3"

Thank you so, so much. I’m so glad you liked it (: