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Lessons Learned?

“Louis what are you doing?” Zayn asked completely confused. He’s not exactly sure what Louis is doing, or what he’s planned. In some sense that thought in its self genuinely terrified him. Louis had just showed up at his hotel room in the middle of the night, demanding to know where Zayn’s key card was. Almost the second Zayn had picked it up off the side; Louis’ hand was wrapped around his wrist dragging him out through the door, almost having to run barefoot down the corridor to keep up with him. 

“Louis” Zayn muttered again, making sure to let his free hand pull the door closed behind him. What was Louis planning? Zayn really had no idea, but for some reason he was far from trying to put up a fight. 

Before he knew it, Louis hand had let go of his wrist. Instead his hands were fisting against the front of his shirt slamming him up against the wall. They were alone, there was no one else in sight, Louis was standing threateningly close, provoking the sort of emotions in Zayn he was sure it shouldn’t have. Zayn had never seen Louis aggressive before, not with anyone, as much as he hated to admit it, it was hot, and it probably shouldn’t have been turning him on as much as he should have been. 

Instead of trying to fight Louis off him, he put his best effort into fighting the smirk that threatened to spill across his lips to give him away. Of course he failed miserably, it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by Louis either. 

“Are you happy with yourself?” Louis asked the question obviously rhetorical. Yet somehow Zayn knew they were on the same page, thinking the same thing. 

“Extremely” Zayn quipped, obviously not expecting Louis to back off, instead it granted him with a tighter grip and Louis to move closer, their bodies almost touching, he could smell Harry’s aftershave off him, mixed with Louis’ but the fact he could smell Harry off him, really wasn’t helping matters much. 

“You have a fucking nerve Malik” Louis sneered, yet the glint in his eye gave him away.  “You think you can just walk around all day with your hands all over someone else’s boyfriend, and he’d be cool with it?” 

Louis was just taunting him now, Zayn couldn’t seem to bring himself to stop, or even for his brain to comprehend that he might want to stop him; he didn’t. If the boy dared to move any closer, Zayn was sure he’d find out just how much Zayn was enjoying this.

“Harry seemed to be enjoying it!” And fuck so did Louis, that final step closing the gap between them, signalling to the fact that Louis was enjoying this just as much as he was. Having to actually force his eyes to stay open at the contact of their clothed erections, even just a little friction would have Zayn ready to buckle, yet he couldn’t stop the moan that escaped through his lips. 

“He certainly seemed to enjoy grabbing my arse!” Zayn wasn’t sure what possessed him to keep talking; there was something about his words that seemed to make Louis react so sweetly, the little noises pouring from his lips were enough to tell him to keep talking. Sure he’d just been messing about with Harry through the week, but he’d been messing about with Louis too, yet Zayn was certainly sure Louis hadn’t forgotten that fact either. “You certainly didn’t seem to mind it” Zayn went on, rewarded with a slight rut of Louis’ hips into him, their lips even closer.

“When I had my arm draped across your shoulder” Zayn offered, he would have copied his actions from the other day, allowing his arm to drape across his shoulders, allow his hand to mimic the same act as he had before, Louis’s gripping his shirt made that pretty much impossible. Instead, he settled to let his hand trail the length of his torso, his finger catching Louis’ nipple through the material. The same hitch in his breath as Zayn remembered it. Louis rewarding him this time with a slight brush of his lips, leaving him wanting more.

Zayn’s shirt fell from the grasp of Louis’ hand at one side, his hand instead thumping the door just the once right beside them. Which swung open almost immediately, Harry had been waiting on the other side, waiting for Louis’ command. 

“You need to learn Malik” Louis stated, pulling him back from the wall in order to push him through the open door. Sure Zayn would have been able to resist Louis, tell them where to go. Instead he was thinking with his cock again, which was telling him just how much he enjoyed being thrown about by the older boy, instead of his brain which was telling him to wise up. 

“Told you I’d bring you back a little treat” Louis announced to a waiting Harry, making sure to lock the door, before allowing his lips to latch onto Harry’s. The youngest boy already seemed putty in Louis’ hands, that was from just a kiss. God, the two of them were sickeningly cute together. Zayn could only assume why they had brought him here, they had just brought him here to act as a pawn in their games. 

That thought really should have sent him backing off, running out the door and off to his room. He didn’t, it was almost as though he was frozen to the spot, his eyes locked on the couple in front of him, which did nothing to help the situation in his pants either. 

“Looouu” Harry groaned against his lips, to get him to stop. His head tilting to the side, Louis’ lips instead, barely letting the two of them break contact for even a second. “Zayn” he whimpered as though he was trying to remind Louis that he was actually standing there.  

“All in good time” Louis muttered, his teeth tugging teasingly against his earlobe, Harry’s green orbs finding Zayn’s. Fuck, he wasn’t going anywhere. 

“No, now” Harry insisted, placing his hands against Louis chest pushing him away. Zayn wasn’t even sure what he expected to happen next, he hadn’t even been expecting to be standing here in the first place. 

It was Harry that made the first move, crossing the room to where Louis had left him standing, his hand seeking the back of his neck urging him closer, slamming his lips to Zayn’s. Just like that, Harry was kissing him. He had two options a) push him away, or b) just let go and give into it, whatever this was. He wasn’t about to complain, they had obviously planned this, and who was Zayn to throw a wrench in the works? 

It took less than a split seconds decision, before Zayn’s lips moulded back against Harry’s his hands gripping against his hips pulling him closer. This was Harry, Harry was kissing him; but there was something that was holding him back, he couldn’t do this completely, he was hyperaware of Louis in the same room, watching them, waiting. He could hardly open his eyes to look for him, to see what Louis was doing. Harry’s tongue flickering against his lips, made him forget about Louis almost instantly, his head tilting to the side allowing for the change of angle with tongues involved the battle for dominance between the two, knowing the situation Zayn knew he was probably going to be the one to surrender, he was just the plaything for the two of them tonight. 

At that thought, Louis’ lips were against his neck, his hands on Zayn’s hips where Zayn’s were on Harry’s, Louis grinding against his arse. “Ohh god” He had to force his lips to part from Harry’s to groan. That didn’t seem to stop Harry either, his lips finding his neck at the other side. Both of them sucking, mewling at his skin, the feeling was almost overwhelming; as if the oxygen was no longer getting to his brain. Both sets of hands found the rim of his shirt, all Zayn could do was raise his arms above his head to let them pull it off. At the loss of contact from their lips, his eyes shot open, finding Harry instantly, Harry’s eyes were on Louis, almost as though they were having a silent conversation over his shoulder; knowing them they probably were. 

“Harry’s turn” Louis voice rang through his ears, his teeth trailing against his ear, a shiver of pleasure running through his body like an electric current, and they hadn’t even started yet. It was instant, the second the words left Louis’ lips, Harry’s arms were already in the air, Zayn didn’t need telling twice his hands reaching to the rim of Harry’s shirt pulling it off too. He didn’t have a chance to admire the younger boys body, sure he’d seen it before, but this time it was different, this time he was about to be held in it, probably pinned down by those arms.

Harry had already spun him round to face Louis, his hands still lingering on his hips pressing a soft kiss to the back of his neck, his lips trailing softly down his spine. Louis’ arms already in the air for Louis to do the same to his shirt, he had the same glint in his eye he had from the hallway, he hadn’t realised until now just how easy it was to get sucked into Louis and Harrys shenanigans. Desperate for more, he was desperate for skin on skin contact, for either of their hands on him; right now it really didn’t matter. Finally they were free, at three free from shirts, Harry’s lips continuing with their attack on his back, biting and sucking at Zayn’s skin with all he’d got. 

Louis’ lips now on his instead, almost as though he needed to get involved in this just as much as Zayn did. A groan escaped Zayn’s lips pouring straight into Louis’ as Harry’s mouth trailed lower and lower; his mouth opening willingly at Louis’ advances, finding it completely exhilarating, being stuck between the two of them, both their mouths on him. So lost in the moment, and in Louis’ mouth, it had taken him a minute to notice that his jeans were round his ankles, he could feel Louis’ still clothed erection against his thigh. 

His hands automatically shooting forward, in search of Louis’ belt, stopping as Louis’ hands batted him away. “All in good time” Louis shot him another wicked grin; his lips began their descent on his chest, his tongue darting coyly across a nipple, whilst Harry’s hands pushed down his boxers, his lips traveling further down his arse his tongue darting experimentally across his skin. In his head, he was torn he wasn’t even sure which he ought to be paying his attention to, the pleasure was overwhelming, like he had to focus on one or the other; almost too much. As he stepped out of his jeans, kicking them out of the way, the sound that left his lips Zayn wasn’t exactly sure what it was, a muffled groan, a moan, it sounded more like hiccup than anything, the glint in his eyes, he was sure matched Louis’.

“Told you it would be easy didn’t I?” Louis spoke, his words obviously directed to Harry rather than him. His teeth sinking into his bottom lip, his eyes flickered wildly between the two of them. He had been sure the two of them had planned them, but he hadn’t been sure to what extent. 

“You were right” Harry’s lips left his skin, Zayn’s lip sinking harder into his lip to stop the groan of frustration escaping his lips, as Harry appeared in front of him too, his hands against Louis’ waist pulling him into him. They had better finish what they started, he couldn’t take another night alone, with his imagination in the shower; he’d had enough of that to set him for a life time. “You’re plans are definitely the best” Harry mocked, their lips connecting again. If he wasn’t so turned on he’d probably leave the world’s most perfect couple to it. 

“Harry your mouth is obscene” Louis seemed to add for Zayn’s benefit, flashing him a wink over Harry’s shoulder. 

“Sure spoil the surprise why don’t you?” Harry teased, allowing his teeth to sink into Louis’ shoulder, turning his attention to Zayn. “My mouth is obscene apparently” Harry smirked dropping to his knees in front of him; whilst Louis is behind him again, his kissing at the back of his neck. Did he care that they’d planned this? He should, but he didn’t

Harry’s green eyes were trained on Zayn; his own eyes are wide almost as though he can’t quite believe that he’s here, that this is happening to him. Zayn wasn’t exactly prepared when he felt Harry’s lips close around the head of his cock; moving slowly at first, his hand wrapped around the base, his tongue flickering against the head, concentrating on the head for a few blissful moments, Louis’ lips attacking the back of his neck, only added to the pleasure. 

Seemingly having enough, the further he etched forwards, taking Zayn further into his mouth taking him in his entirety into his mouth without any apparent trouble. Zayn couldn’t help but let his hands fly to Harry’s curls, he couldn’t seem to bring himself to look down at Harry any longer, to watch the beautiful boy on his knees giving him probably the best blowjob of his life. He couldn’t watch his head bob up and down, sucking his cock, finding it hard to resist the urge to come then and there. His eyes flickered shut, his grip tightening in his hair, only seeming to make Harry mouth tighten around his cock, and suck him harder. 

Louis only seemed to encourage Harry with words Zayn couldn’t even make out coming from behind him. Louis definitely seemed as turned on as he was, his cock grinding into his arse, before he dropped to his knees behind him, if the thud of Louis’ knees hitting the carpet was anything to go by. Louis’ lips were on him again, kissing from the back of his thigh to the curve of his arse. Causing him only to groan at the combination of them both, Harry seemed to be thinking the same thing, moaning around his cock. It was almost enough to send him spilling over the edge. 

“Harry, I’m –“ Zayn trailed off, the moaning taking over instead, as Louis’ tongue trailed over his hole in one painstaking lick upwards; not being able to stop his hips bucking forwards at the contact.

“Come on, come for us Zayn” Louis muttered in with a sobering bite to his arse, and that’s all he needed for his release. Harry’s mouth worked him right through his orgasm, coming with a sharp cry, spilling wetly into his mouth. His eyes snapping down to Harry again, the bastard had the indecency to fucking swallow. 

Fuck, Louis hadn’t been kidding Harry’s mouth really was obscene. 

Zayn was pretty much sure they hadn’t finished with him yet; at least he hoped they hadn’t finished with him yet. They might have easily been back on their feet, but it had taken all the force in Zayn to manage not to fall to a crumpled, worn-out heap on the floor.

How he had gotten himself into this situation, he couldn’t have been more thankful for anything in his life. He should have been wary that he was treading on some toes; Louis and Harry were a couple after all and he was just here to be used as their plaything.

Louis’ lips were back on Harry’s without a second’s hesitation, all Zayn could seem to do was watch open mouthed as they kissed, Louis’ tongue plummeting through Harry’s mouth, as if trying to taste Zayn off his tongue, whilst their hands hurriedly, and all but, yanked the others trousers off. And fuck, that was hot. 

“Don’t think we’re finished with you just yet” Zayn probably shouldn’t have looked as relieved as he did at Harry’s words. If Louis’ smirk was anything to go by then it was probably worse that he could have imagined. 

“No need to look so relieved Malik” Louis smirked as though answering his thought, crossing the tiny distance between them again, his lips colliding back against Zayn’s without a seconds thought. 

“What do you want?” Harry’s voice is teasing against his ear signalling his reappearance, the warmth of his breath against his skin, his teeth dragging the length of his ear. 

But Louis didn’t stop, in fact his lips seemed to be harder against his, his hard-on protruding against the bottom of his stomach. Harry’s question was obviously rhetorical; it could have been addressed to either of them. 

“You’re not going to tell me?” Harry taunts, his hands trailing up his chest, Harry’s front pressed into his back, his fingers giving a quick pinch against his nipples, whilst his lips trail across the back of his neck. Almost just like that, with a moan into Louis’ mouth, Zayn’s hard all over again. 

“I’m just going to have to find out for myself then” Zayn was sure Harry was talking more to himself, or possibly Louis by this point; but he finds he really doesn’t care. 

Both Louis’ and Harry’s hands were all over him, caressing every possible inch of skin they could reach, until Harry’s suddenly stopped. And Zayn’s about to groan in protest, until one of Harry’s hands slap across his ass, he could feel Louis smirking against his lips, as if he knew that was coming. 

“That’s right, you need punished for flirting with boyfriend” Louis announced, finally breaking free from his lips, his fingertips twirling tightly into Zayn’s hair, pulling his head to the side, his teeth sinking into the side of his neck, as Harry’s hand collided with his arse for the second time. 

“Fuck” All Zayn could do was whimper, sure he should have been concerned that Louis was definitely going to leave a mark; their manager would definitely go ape shit on them. But the sparks running through his body was enough to trump that. 

As Harry slapped him for a third time, Zayn was sure it was enough to make his entire body shudder. “I don’t think he’s learned his lesson” Louis announced over his shoulder to a waiting Harry.

“Definitely not” Harry agreed, Zayn was sure he could feel Harry’s smirk radiating off his lips, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at him. 

Harry’s lips were back on his shoulders making their way down again, his hands gripping tightly against his hips, his fingertips digging in against his skin.  Whereas Louis was just watching, his eyes burning into Zayn’s

“I told you, you need to learn Malik” Louis muttered as a mock scold, the lust dripping through his words couldn’t have sounded hotter if he tried. 

Zayn’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip, as he tried to resist a whimper, Harry’s tongue trailing its descent down his spine, his hands falling from his hips. 

“I can’t think of a better lesson” Harry’s lips parted from his skin long enough to mutter. Copying Louis’ actions from before, Harry lips were back against his skin kissing from the back of his thigh to the curve of his arse. 

“Harry” the moan of the younger boys name felt foreign, he couldn’t help it, as Harry’s tongue trailed low and over his hole. 

“Is that what you want Zayn?” He was barely aware of Louis asking him, his eyelids heavy with lust, barely able to keep them open. Louis is against him again, his hands gripping tight against his hips, his own erection, is bordering on too much, he can only imagine how the others are feeling. 

“Y-yes” The words are pouring from his lips, barely away what he’s saying, or what he’s agreeing too, completely driven by lust. Given up completely in trying to understand the pair, he was here already, he may as well just go along for the ride.

Louis seemed to agree, his lips back against the side of his neck, his tongue flickering across the bruise already forming, as if proud of his handiwork.

With a gasp, Zayn’s hands reached out to clutch onto Louis for support, who gave a throaty laugh against Zayn’s throat almost immediately at the realisation of Harry’s advance, that vibrated though his skin, which seemed only to add the waves of pleasure that erupted at the shock of Harry’s lub-wet finger pushing inside him. 

Sure he’d never done this before, and now he probably couldn’t stop if he wanted too. He may have already told them yes, it might all have been a game, Zayn knew that at least if he said stop they actually would stop. 

“Ohh” If he was honest he couldn’t quite tell if he thought this was the best, or the weirdest thing that had ever happened to him. It was an obvious discomfort at first, yet the way Harry expertly twisted his fingers, adding a second one into the mix, the better it was becoming. Almost to the point where his head was spinning, he barely string a coherent sentence together. The only sounds in the room were his pants, moans, soft whimpers that seemed to spur Harry on. 

It was over too soon, Harry had stopped; at Louis command. Lips were back on his, whilst he was being marched blindly back towards their bed. He’s being pushed onto it, with such force, just being thankful that there was a bed there to cushion his fall. 

It’s Louis that’s hovering over him this time, his fingers already slicked with lube being pushed inside him. Only Louis is being less careful than Harry was, his fingers curling inside him finding his prostate. “Fuuck” was the only word his brain seemed to want to process, his hips arching off the bed, pushing down towards Louis in an attempt to feel more. 

“You want more Zayn” Harry muttered in his ear, his head tilting to find the younger boy lying next to him, his green orbs couldn’t have looked more turned on. And fuck, that swelled something low in his stomach. Harry hadn’t even given Zayn a chance to reply before he was talking again. 

“You want to feel Louis inside you, fucking you until you can’t take it anymore?”

Zayn didn’t need to answer, his words obviously rhetorical once again. But he couldn’t help himself, he could feel himself getting impatient, he needed more. 

“Y-yes! Oh, fuck, yes” 

At his reply, Harry’s eyes lit up, obviously delighted with his words. One look in Louis’ direction, and he’d stopped, commanding Zayn to “Turn over” 

Doing exactly what he was told, he turned over, forcing himself to keep the eye contact with Harry as he did so. He couldn’t look away, and Harry couldn’t either. 

“That’s it, on your hands and knees baby” Harry’s words brought another groan from his lips. The barely audible sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open behind him, Zayn could just about picture Louis rolling the latex onto his hard cock, even just the thought made his body all but shiver. 

Louis had lined himself up, but stopped, as if waiting for confirmation, Zayn wasn’t exactly sure from who; he’d given the pair nothing but the impression that this was something he wanted, he wanted it badly. Harry’s hand was on his, and for the first time, the look of concern was spread across his features. 

“Are you sure about this?” He asked, his tone sounding more like Harry than he had all night. Zayn was right, as much as they were all for having their fun, they wouldn’t have pushed him too far if they didn’t think that’s what he wanted. 

“I’m sure” Zayn promised, and with that Louis sank slowly inside him. This wasn’t exactly the mose amazing moment in the world. Right now, there was a fine barrier between pain and pleasure; Zayn couldn’t quite tell which one was winning. Allowing his teeth to sink back into his bottom lip, his gaze breaking from Harry’s, he was less likely to give himself away. Zayn was determined to see this through, determined to find out what all the fuss was about. 

Harry’s hands were on his arms, his touch didn’t hold the same weight as it had before, nor did it have the same worry as it had the last time he touched him. “Trust me” Harry muttered, and he did, letting Harry reposition him on the bed, his weight resting against his forearms instead of his hands; with Louis’ grip still against his hips. 

“Fuck, Louis” Harry was right the change of angle was better. As Louis rocked into him, Zayn’s hands were lost in the grip of the sheet in front of him out of nothing else for him to grab onto. “Harder” His voice was weak, but nevertheless Louis seemed to agree, giving him exactly what he wanted. 

His eyes were back on Harry, his own hand clenched around his cock, stroking himself lazily, as he watched his boyfriend fucking someone else. 

“The two of you look so fucking good together” Harry whimpered, leaning into Zayn for another kiss, this one a lot messier than the last, the pair of them gasping for breath, groaning into the other’s mouth, with Louis moaning both their names, as if on a loop from behind him. Zayn could feel everything, Louis deep inside him, Harry’s movements as he shook against his body. It was safe to say each pump of Harry’s hand against his cock were perfectly timed well with the thrust of Louis into him. 

“Please-“ Zayn whimpered

“Oh I know what you want” Louis’ voice sound manic behind him, the breathlessness, and turned on vibe was almost too much. 

“But you’re not getting it” Harry butted in, the pumps of his own hand getting more frantic, as Louis picked up the speed, like he was determined to feel it, to come at the same time.  

“You’re going to come from just being fucked” Harry warned, through a moan that came from somewhere deep inside his throat. “No one’s going to touch you baby” 

“It’s your punishment” Louis added, and suddenly it seemed to make more sense. 

With being told neither of them was going to touch him, it’s what he wanted more than anything. To be touched, for a hand to wrap around his cock. Nothing. It was almost too much for him, but not enough at all. He wanted to scream out; the pleasure was building up with every thrust Louis made. The skin turning white against his knuckles the tighter he forced himself to hold on. Every passing second was like blissful elation, which he didn’t want to stop. 

It wasn’t long until Zayn came with a scream, the kind of toe curling, vision blinding orgasms completely filled with ecstasy, that Louis fucked him right through, before following him into his own, calling Zayn’s name as he did. 

Even with Louis worn out figure slumped on top of him, Zayn reached out wrapping his own hand around Harry’s still hard cock, precisely three thrusts, and a swipe to the head with his thumb, Harry was coming apart in his hand, whimpering Zayn’s name as he watched him fall apart.

“Have you learned your lesson yet?” Louis finally spoke, breaking the silence after a few minutes which had allowed the three of them to catch their breath back. The older boy pulled out of him, disposing of the condom in the bin, before appearing behind him, his face almost snuggled into the back of his neck, his hand resting against his hip.

“Of course” Louis smirked, somehow if that was his punishment for flirting with either of them, he couldn’t see himself stopping just yet.

“This time was nothing compared to what will happen if you do it again” Harry all but yawned, passing his hand onto Zayn’s hip to allow his fingers to link with Louis’.

‘Bring it on’ Zayn couldn’t help but think to himself as Louis’ muffled snores vibrated against the back of his neck, he and Harry not long in following him off to sleep.

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